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Application Process & Criteria

Application Process and Rental Agreement Fees

Thank you for applying for a rental home with Jim McNeeley Real Estate. We would like to go over some of our policies and procedures so you know what to expect from your potential future landlord.

Viewing the Property

What is Required
The following is required for each adult over the age of 18 in order to consider an application complete:

Please read below for our specific screening criteria. We process our applications on a first come, first serve basis. Your application, screening fee, photo ID, verification of income, and all additional documents must be completely submitted in order to be considered. We will refund your screening fee if a previous applicant has been approved.

Application Steps
Applications online can be filled out by visiting our list of RENTAL PROPERTIES.

Processing the Application
Application information needs to be obtained and verified within 48 hours from the time the screening process begins; if your application information cannot be verified within this timeframe, your application will result in a conditional approval or be denied.

The processing of your application will result in 4 possible outcomes:

Your application, screening fee, photo ID, verification of income, and all additional documents must be completely submitted in order to be considered. If the application is approved, applicants will have 24 hours from the time of notification to confirm acceptance of property.

Applicants will have 48 hours from the time of notification to either execute a rental agreement and make all deposits required there under or make a deposit to hold the unit and execute a reservation deposit agreement which will provide for the forfeiture of the deposit if applicants fail to occupy the unit. If applicants fail to timely take the steps required above, they will be deemed to have refused the unit and the next application for the unit will be processed.

If a co-signer is required, a completed co-signer application, screening fee, ID, verification of income, and all additional documents must be completely submitted in order to be considered.

Security Deposits

It is the tenant’s responsibility to put the utilities into their name for which they are responsible before their move in date. Further instructions will be provided for you once you are approved for the property.


Rental Agreement & Fees

REMOVING OR TAMPERING - It is a violation of law to remove or tamper with a properly functioning smoke detector or alarm, including removing working batteries or non-payment of electrical service which renders the device inoperative. Should the tenant or someone under their control cause the smoke detector to be inoperative the landlord may assess a penalty of $250.00 and/or terminate the rental agreement.

KEYS AND CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTORS - If all keys, garage door openers and Carbon Monoxide Detectors or their User Manual(s) initially given to tenant(s) are not returned upon move out, $15 per key, $75 per garage door opener and $70 per Carbon Monoxide Detectors will be withheld from the security deposit. Typically JMRE does not have copies of mail keys for security purposes. If no mail key is given tenant is responsible for obtaining a key from the post office that services their address. Frequently the post office will charge a fee of approx. $25-$50

A $50 fee will be imposed for the following rental agreement violations:

Again thank you for considering Jim McNeeley Real Estate as your landlord. We look forward to working with you and offering you exceptional customer service!

Rental Criteria for Residency
At Jim McNeeley Real Estate and Property Management, Inc., we are committed to selecting tenants in a fair and equitable manner regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, familial status, disability, marital status, source of income, sexual orientation including gender identity, honorably discharged veterans / military status, and domestic violence victims.

Occupancy Policy

General Statements

Income Criteria

Employment Criteria

Rental Criteria

Credit Criteria

Criminal Conviction Criteria
A denial of the application may result if the following is found:

Pending charges or outstanding warrants for any of the above will result in the suspension of the application process until the issues are resolved. No unit will be held waiting resolution of the pending charges.

Smoking/Pets/Medical Marijuana

Disabled Accessibility
Jim McNeeley Real Estate allows existing premises to be modified at the full expense of the disabled person. We may ask that the disabled person agrees to restore the premises to the original condition at their expense. We require:

Cosigner Requirements

Application check list:

To fill out an online application:

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