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3 Reasons Investing in Rental Properties in Portland Makes Sense for 2013

Web Admin - Thursday, August 08, 2013

Today, I wanted to give you three reasons that investing in rental properties in Portland makes sense, especially this year. If you have been thinking about where to invest, you should definitely be considering property that you can rent out and turn into some immediate and long term cash flow.  Read More

Portland Property Management Advice: Pet Policy Best Practices

Web Admin - Thursday, August 01, 2013

When we discuss best practices for your pet policy, it is important to remember that in the Portland area, about half of our rental tenants have a pet. You have to consider this because many landlords hesitate to allow pets in their properties, but by prohibiting pets, you are losing out on at least half of the potential renters in the area. As long as you take a few precautions to protect yourself and your property, allowing pets should not be a problem for you. Just make sure you are selective about breeds, limit the number of pets and the size of the animal and charge an additional pet deposit.  Read More

3 Tips for Investing in Foreclosed Homes in Portland

Web Admin - Thursday, July 25, 2013

Today, we are talking about foreclosed homes. Many banks and government agencies have foreclosed on properties and they sell them to the public. Some of these homes are sold quickly, and they are sold in “as is” condition, which means they usually need a lot of repairs. On other properties, banks are willing to take their time and make improvements. Here are three tips to keep in mind when you are planning to invest in a foreclosed home in the Portland area. Don’t be afraid to make a low offer. You should also try and negotiate with the bank that owns the property. These banks do not want to hold onto the properties, so there is no reason to pay the full asking price. See how far you can get them to come down, and get a good deal.  Read More

Hot Tubs, Sheds and Access Restrictions: Portland Property Management Guide

Web Admin - Thursday, July 18, 2013

There are two common questions that we often get in the property management business. The first one is, what do we do if we have a pool or a hot tub? The second question is about whether access restrictions, and what happens when a landlord wants to store personal property in the home while a tenant is living there. Since these questions are so popular, we’re going to talk about them a little bit.  Read More

How to Look for Income Property Management in Portland

Web Admin - Thursday, July 11, 2013

When you are looking for income property in the Portland area, there are a couple of key differences to keep in mind. First, there are multifamily units and single family homes. A multifamily unit might be a duplex, which is two units, or a larger property with four or more units available for rent. A single family residence is only one unit. The biggest difference in these two types of properties is that a multifamily unit will bring you more cash flow, but the property value will not appreciate very dramatically. A single family residence on the other hand will appreciate greatly over the long term, but the cash flow is not as high because you are only collecting one rent.  Read More

Pet vs. Companion Animal: Portland Property Management Advice

Web Admin - Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Companion animals are very different from pets, and if you are a landlord in Portland, you need to be aware of those important distinctions. You cannot treat a tenant with a companion animal the same way you would treat someone who has a pet. For example, the number one rule you have to remember is that you cannot charge an extra deposit for a companion animal. When you have a tenant who is moving in with a pet, you might charge an extra $500 in your deposit, for example, to cover any damages that might be done by that animal during the term of the lease. That is legal and acceptable. However, when a tenant moves into your property with a companion animal, you are not permitted to charge an extra security deposit the way you would for a pet.  Read More

Are Move In Incentives a Good Idea for your Portland Rental Properties?

Web Admin - Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Are move in incentives a good idea? The answer to that really depends on your property and its vacancy period. Generally speaking, if it is vacant during the spring or the summer months, you probably do not need to offer incentives of any kind in order to get your property rented. Those are the periods that tenants are most often looking for a place to live, and the probability that you will rent your home out anyway is a bit higher. If you are stuck with a vacant property during the fall or winter months, you might want to consider incentives in order to get your property rented out a little bit quicker than you would normally have to wait before you find a great tenant. It is an option most landlords consider, especially when the priority is getting some rental income generated.  Read More

What Do Portland Property Management Companies Charge?

Web Admin - Thursday, June 20, 2013

Many people wonder what property management companies charge, and today I thought I would explain how the fee structure works in the Portland market. Typically, property managers charge a flat fee to cover the ongoing or day to day management of your property. If the management fee is not paid as a flat fee, they might charge a percentage of the rental amount. This charge can vary, depending on the management company and the amount of rent you charge for your property. For example, what you pay a property manager for a $500 per month unit will probably be a lot different than what you pay for the management of a $3,000 per month house.  Read More

5 Tips to Interview Property Management Companies in Portland

Web Admin - Thursday, June 13, 2013

Today, we are providing tips on selecting a property manager company for your rental homes. You should talk to several different property managers before you decide on a company, and you’ll get a good idea of who might be a perfect fit for you and for your investment properties. Make sure to ask these five questions any time you are considering a property manager.  Read More

3 Reasons to Hire McNeeley as Your Income Property Management in Portland

Web Admin - Wednesday, June 05, 2013

This is Jim McNeeley, the owner of Jim McNeeley Real Estate. We manage properties in Portland and the entire area of northwest Oregon. I wanted to introduce myself and my company in case you are looking for a property manager for your investment property or rental home. I started his company in 1967, almost 45 years ago. It has grown into a strong staff of talented and experienced property managers and brokers with a lot of knowledge of the Portland area and surrounding regions.  Read More

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